Even in a historically volatile market, excellent long-term investment opportunities are still ripe for the picking. In this segment of Backstage Pass, recorded on Nov. 15, Fool.com contributors Jason Hall, Rachel Warren, and Toby Bordelon discuss several such stocks.

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Jason Hall: We've got some more topics and I liked this question from Richard. I'm not sure if you guys saw it, the "Stay Wealthy Basket." Did you guys see that one? I love it. He started it off here with some stocks, Berkshire Hathaway, Verizon Communications -- ABT, is that Abbott Labs? I'm not sure, ABT.

Rachel Warren: I believe so.

Hall: Then AMT is American Tower, ENB Enbridge, Microsoft, and Alphabet. Those are his stocks. Here's my request for you guys. They stay wealthy, a company with a high floor.

Maybe not going to super gain value, but it's going to help you protect your money. What do you guys think? What's a stock each? It's not one of those that you can think of to be the one, go ahead. I was going to say Apple (AAPL 1.30%). I mean, I think Apple, you have to start with Apple I think.

Warren: I've been thinking that's a great basket of stocks Richard O. If I can't pick one from that, I was going to say Alphabet since I'm invested in Alphabet. I think another one is Teladoc (TDOC 0.21%). I love that company. I'm a shareholder, it's a great healthcare stock. I plug it a lot on this show.

Hall: That's a "Get Wealthy" one too. It's priced right now. There's a lot of low expectations priced in Rachel, so I think you make a really good point there, Toby.

Toby Bordelon: I'm trying to think what I would do beyond the ones mentioned. I'm honestly not sure I'd do Verizon, because it's a solid company that pays a nice dividend that management has this deal about destroying value every now and then, with ill-fated acquisitions.

Hall: It's one of those businesses, the saying, buy a business that any idiot can run because eventually an idiot will run it.

Bordelon: Yeah.

Hall: That's all I'm going to say.

Bordelon: We'll stop there in case. [laughs]

Hall: Yes. I'm going to throw one in here, I'm going to throw one more Toby, while you're thinking here. Retail Opportunity Investments Corporation (ROIC 0.70%), ticker, ROIC. It's an easily overload strip mall owner. They own strip malls on the West Coast, and they are really good at buying great properties in high traffic, high value areas and below market value, improving them and making them. It's actually the stock that I've owned the longest, which surprised me when I realized that a couple of days ago.

Bordelon: I want to put Mastercard (MA 0.85%)in there.

Hall: Oh yeah. Well done. I'm going to throw a piece of trivia about Mastercard a lot of people don't realize. It's putting a ton of focus on person-to-person transactions.

Person-to-government, government-to-governments, business-to-business, and other types of cross border transactions. That market is four times larger than its existing merchant services business. Four times larger.

Bordelon: Wow. [laughs]

Hall: That's incredible. It's like $170, $160 trillion, $180 trillion some just ridiculously sized market. This is so much bigger than its current business.