What happened 

Investors were pushing up Apple's (AAPL 0.86%) share price this morning as they processed a new report that showed inflation slowed between March and April. Some investors may also be reacting to positive financial results from companies in the tech sector.

Apple's stock was up by 3.1% as of 11:36 a.m. ET. 

So what 

The market was reacting positively to the news that the core personal-consumption expenditures index increased 4.9% in April, compared to a 5.2% increase in March. The drop indicates that inflation dipped slightly from the previous month. 

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The Federal Reserve keeps a close eye on this index, and Apple investors are taking this slight drop as a good sign that inflation could be starting to move in the right direction. 

Additionally, Apple shareholders may also be reacting to the latest financial results released by Zscaler and Autodesk. These two tech companies beat Wall Street's top- and bottom-line estimates and issued strong guidance in their most recent quarters. Additionally, Dell Technologies released its latest results after the closing bell yesterday and beat analysts' consensus earnings and revenue estimates for the quarter.

Tech investors have been keeping a close eye on the results of other companies in the industry for any positive news in the sector. And with several solid quarterly results from technology companies, Apple investors are likely a little more optimistic today. 

Now what

Apple investors are clearly happy with all of the good news today but should temper some of their enthusiasm, considering that there's likely a long road ahead when it comes to the economy emerging from its inflation woes. The Federal Reserve has said that it will continue to raise interest rates in 2022, and with inflation still at a nearly 40-year high, it's going to take far more than one good month to get inflation down to a healthy level.