What happened 

Shares of SoFi Technologies (SOFI 7.14%), a financial technology company, were climbing higher today after the latest financial results from several banks were better than analysts had expected. 

As a result, the S&P 500 rose 1.2%, the Nasdaq Composite ticked 1.2% higher, and SoFi rose 3.5% as of 11:16 a.m. ET. 

So what

Investors have been generally optimistic about the stock market over the past two days as investors processed the latest financial results from Bank of America and Bank of New York Mellon yesterday, with both companies outpacing analysts' consensus estimates.

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Investors extended their optimism into today after Goldman Sachs' third-quarter revenue and earnings beat expectations as well. 

SoFi investors may have been especially optimistic about these results because it could indicate that the financial sector is stronger than some investors had thought. 

SoFi's stock is down by 72% over the past 12 months, so shareholders are likely latching onto any positive news that they can find. And investors across all sectors are hoping that solid bank earnings could mean that the U.S. economy is still resilient. 

Now what

SoFi investors will have more insight into the company's current finances when it reports its third-quarter results on Nov. 1.  

And while investors are getting very optimistic about stocks following the latest bank results, they should also plan for more share-price volatility.

The Federal Reserve will likely continue with its aggressive interest rate hikes at its upcoming meetings (in November and December) as inflation remains stubbornly high. 

More interest rate increases will end up slowing economic growth and could prolong the stock market pain investors have already endured.