While many cryptocurrency investments have been absolutely pummeled by the market over the last year, you don't have to put your money into digital currency in the hopes of supercharging your portfolio growth for the long-term. Even as these types of investments may be the right addition for some, the stock market remains a compelling place to accumulate and sustain enviable returns over time. 

If you're looking for top stocks to add to your portfolio this month that you can hold for years, here are three names to consider right now. 

1. Teladoc 

Teladoc Health (TDOC 0.30%) has taken investors for a wild ride over the past year. It has emerged from the heightened growth period of the pandemic and seems to be settling into a more moderate, mature era of its growth story. Nonetheless, growth remains strong not just on a year-over-year basis but from pre-pandemic levels, and those recent net losses that have caused some investors to head for the hills are more easily explained than it might appear at first glance. 

Looking at Teladoc's financial performance in 2022, the company delivered revenue of $2.4 billion, representing a nearly 20% increase from 2021. That was also an increase of 335% from 2019 -- before the pandemic drove a heightened period of telehealth adoption by medical providers and consumers. 

While the company reported a net loss of $13.7 billion in 2022, that was almost completely derived from a series of non-cash impairment charges attached to its efforts to write down the value of its prior Livongo acquisition. So even as those figures are painful to see, that net loss wasn't related to an underlying deficiency or operational decline from Teladoc's business.

At the same time, adoption across Teladoc's core range of virtual care services, from chronic care to mental healthcare to primary care, continues to rise. In the final quarter of 2022 alone, its teletherapy segment BetterHelp delivered revenue of $277 million, representing a 30% increase compared to the final quarter of 2021.

Meanwhile, Teladoc closed out 2022 with more than 83 million paid members in the U.S., and the cohort of users enrolled in at least one of its chronic care services jumped 10% year over year in the final quarter of 2022. 

This isn't a business in its waning days, but rather one that is continuing to prove its mettle as a leader in the present and future of the telehealth industry with a broad and growing spectrum of virtual care services. For forward-thinking investors, this could provide a notable opportunity to scoop up shares at a discount to build or add to a multi-year, buy-and-hold position. 

2. Etsy

Etsy (ETSY -0.22%) is another former pandemic favorite that investors seem slightly unsure what to make of against the backdrop of the current volatile investing landscape. There's no denying that if a recession comes, consumers -- who are already trying to cut costs where possible -- could significantly scale back spending. This would inevitably affect any business with exposure to discretionary consumer spending, and Etsy is no exception. 

On the flip side, Etsy remains a platform known for its collection of unique, vintage, and handmade items -- the types of products that consumers may be more apt to purchase in a high-inflation environment rather than brand-new or name-brand items from larger retailers. Furthermore, even if a recession does come, several quarters (or even a few years) of turbulent economic waters don't negate the potential of Etsy's business and its position within the broader e-commerce industry. 

Management estimates that the Etsy.com platform alone operates within a $2 trillion addressable market. At the same time, Etsy has few direct competitors, and even fewer that operate at its level or scale. In the fourth quarter of 2022, Etsy delivered revenue of $807 million, up 13% year over year, while reporting profits of $110 million. 

The company also closed out the year with its cohorts of new buyers and habitual buyers (those spending $200 or more on at least six purchase days in the last year) up by 60% and 194%, respectively, from the same periods in 2019, before the pandemic. 

Etsy's growth story looks to be far from over, and the continued expansions of revenue and buyer acquisition that it's seeing, which remain well above pre-pandemic levels, are excellent signs that could induce investors to take even a small position in this promising e-commerce stock. 

3. Airbnb 

Airbnb (ABNB 1.09%) hasn't followed the same trajectory of many other travel stocks in the challenging economic environment. While growth remains strong in terms of year-over-year comparisons as consumers continue to spend money on travel after years of being unable to do so, what's even more impressive are the gains that Airbnb's business is seeing compared to the year prior to the pandemic. 

In 2022, Airbnb recorded 393.7 million nights and experiences booked on its platform, driving gross booking value of $63.2 billion in the 12-month period. The year saw the company rake in revenue in the amount of $8.4 billion, and it was the first time Airbnb turned an annual profit, which came in at $2 billion. Those first three metrics -- nights and experiences booked, gross booking value, and revenue -- represented respective increases of 20%, 67%, and 75% from 2019. And that juicy profit Airbnb generated in 2022 was compared to a net loss of $674 million in 2019. 

There are a range of factors driving Airbnb's ongoing growth story, from the recovery in short-term travel patterns to the continued growth of long-term stays, which are bookings of 28 days or more. Long-term stays now account for 21% of all bookings made on the platform. The prevalence of remote and flexible work arrangements is undoubtedly continuing to drive the changing ways people travel in the post-pandemic era, while long-term spending from more traditional travel patterns remains a key tailwind that Airbnb can continue to glean future revenue and profits from. 

The current landscape isn't just driving changes in the way people travel, but also inducing people to look for ways to earn second incomes by hosting on the platform. The fact that Airbnb's platform capitalizes on multiple sides of the changing travel economy gives it a resilience that many other travel stocks lack, and could compel investors to take a second look at this top growth stock at its current valuation in anticipation of a future bull market.