What happened

Amid an impressive rally in the cryptocurrency market, one would expect to see shares of Coinbase (COIN 0.23%) move higher. However, today's impressive 9.2% move in Coinbase stock as of 1 p.m. ET suggests there's more to the story than token price appreciation.

That's because most major stocks are trending lower today following a lifeline being handed to First Republic Bank yesterday by a consortium of large U.S. banks. The move was coordinated by regulators looking to stem contagion fears in the banking sector.

In addition to surging token prices, Coinbase has seen significant buying pressure as it ramps up its rhetoric against the SEC's calls for compliance. In reference to SEC Commissioner Gary Gensler's demands that crypto exchanges register with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the company's chief policy officer recently said in an interview that "there's just no way to do it."

Additionally, as the regulatory environment becomes increasingly unfavorable in the U.S., Coinbase has announced that it's working on potentially launching a crypto trading platform outside the country. This move is currently being discussed with institutional clients, which might have shared such concerns with the largest crypto exchange in the United States.

So what

Indeed, when cryptocurrencies increase in value, trading volumes tend to rise. Accordingly, with a significant percentage of Coinbase's overall revenue and profitability driven by higher trading volumes, how tokens fare means a great deal to Coinbase's overall performance for investors.

That said, it's also true that the collapse of Silvergate, SVB Financial, and Signature Bank over the past week has rocked investor confidence in the crypto sector. Cryptocurrencies and crypto-related companies such as Coinbase have seen significant selling pressure as investors weigh the potential impacts for companies like Coinbase that provide traditional finance on-ramps to the crypto sector.

With regulators seemingly willing to allow banks with close ties to crypto to go under, investors have been rightly spooked about any company providing such services. That said, since hitting a low of around $50 per share a week ago, Coinbase's stock price has rallied approximately 45% over the past five trading days. Investors appear to be taking the view that Coinbase could come out of this mess a winner.

Now what

Plenty of other geographies are much more accepting toward crypto-related companies. The fact that Coinbase might be searching for another locale in which to base its operations is telling. With regulators focusing on reining in contagion fears but also allowing banks with ties to crypto to fail, it's possible that a relocation program could allow Coinbase to take more global market share in terms of crypto trading revenues. This is particularly true considering the fact that a key competitor (FTX) has left a void to be filled.

So long as crypto continues to rally, Coinbase could remain a high-profile way for traders to play this momentum. Today's outsized move higher in Coinbase stock is notable, as investors appear to be taking the view that Coinbase could have been unfairly beaten down during the turmoil of the past week.