Pop-Tarts World? Are you kidding me?

Believe it or not, cereal giant Kellogg (NYSE: K) is breaking into the retail business with its first product-specific store.

This morning's debut of Pop-Tarts World in New York City's Times Square will test the pop cultural relevance of the company's popular stuffed pastry. At a modest 3,200 square feet -- and with an initial lease that runs only through January -- it may seem like a half-hearted wager, but Kellogg isn't exactly phoning it in.

Beyond the merchandise, silkscreened t-shirts, and hourly light shows, a cafe will dish out some pretty intriguing mash ups. From marshmallow spread sandwiches (between a pair of signature toaster pastries, of course) to Kellogg sushi (where Pop-Tarts are minced up and wrapped in a fruit rollup), there will certainly be a fair deal of head turning among the horde of tourists that descends on Times Square.

This is the point, really. It may not matter if this is merely a gawking spectacle. This is more about marketing than retail. Some have compared Pop-Tarts World to the neighboring presence of M&M and Hershey (NYSE: HSY) stores as kissing candy cousins, but there's a big difference between the universal appeal of chocolate and the "pop" icon status of Pop-Tarts.

There are nearly 1.9 million Facebook fans on Kellogg's official Pop-Tarts page. A retail presence in a global travel hot spot will only help.

Times Square isn't for everybody. Disney (NYSE: DIS) recently closed its sports-themed ESPN Zone eatery. However, I can see the promotional nature of opening a product-specific store if it furthers the brand itself.

If Kellogg succeeds, isn't it just a matter of time before rival General Mills (NYSE: GIS) hits us up with Cheerios Square? How about a Lucky Charms Shoppe where folks can customize a box with their own marshmallow shapes and flavors? As long as the retail endeavor is aiming more for publicity than cash register rings, there is plenty to be gained from an iconic brand setting up camp in a prolific location.

I've never been a big fan of Pop-Tarts. They're too dry for my taste. However, I do like what Kellogg is doing here. Wake me up when the Frosted Flakes Forest or the Froot Loops Stoop opens.

Will Pop-Tarts World succeed? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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