Loyal readers no doubt remember the last article we wrote on this topic was headlined Gillette Sues Schick. Back then, Gillette (NYSE:G) was upset because Schick's (NYSE:ENR) four-blade Quattro razor allegedly uses the "proprietary progressive blade geometry technology of the [three-blade] Mach3 system."

If you thought that was funny, wait'll you hear this: In the current lawsuit, Schick says Gillette's catchy "The Best a Man Can Get" slogan is not only intentionally misleading, but also "offensive to the public."

Ha! And this is coming from the same company that's trying to get us to pay $9 so we can cut up our faces with four blades instead of three. Or two. Or one.

We really appreciate Gillette's new role as moral defender of public sensibilities. We'd like to point out, however, that Gillette's talking about razors... not other, um, really good things a man can get. If every entity that stretched its advertising claims were hauled into court, there'd be none left to sit around and invent revolutionary products.

Like, perhaps, a five-blade razor.