Nobody but Martha Stewart could pull this off. Charged with securities fraud and obstruction of justice in relation to her ImClone (NASDAQ:IMCL) transactions, and with her trial set to start next week, the harried homemaker has set up a website to tell her side of the story.

That in itself is not unusual, but is, like everything else she's involved with, professionally done and dripping with that special, hypnotic Martha tone. Consider the first sentence of the welcome page:

Dear Friends: As we head into the new year and my trial begins, I am hopeful and optimistic that I will be exonerated and able once again to devote my full attention to developing and promoting the creative homekeeping ideas that so many loyal customers and supporters have come to rely on for inspiration in their own kitchens, gardens and craft rooms.

Experts call the constantly updated site "remarkably thorough," according to the Associated Press. Martha herself chooses the pictures and much of the content. There is a promise that she and her attorneys will provide information on all of the trial's key developments. And as nearly every page makes clear, she is speaking only for herself and not her Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (NYSE:MSO) company.

There are also dozens of letters and emails, similar to this one:

We are an 81-year-old couple who watch you every single day. We admire you and are praying for you. We honestly feel you did nothing wrong and we plan to continue to pray for your success in this matter. God bless you Martha and good luck.

Despite the fact business at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia has suffered since her name has been sullied, many investors believe there's plenty of core strength left, with the stock up 96% since being selected by David Gardner in Motley Fool Stock Advisor.

Still, the next few weeks will be crucial as we learn whether Martha is able to return to her company exonerated or becomes a convicted felon facing possible jail time.