Waiting to hear how the nasty flu season has treated MedImmune's (NASDAQ:MEDI) FluMist? Reuters reported that the company's making us all wait until earnings on Jan. 29 to get the lowdown, but no news may not be good news in this instance. Meanwhile, rumor has it MedImmune is contemplating a price cut for FluMist -- a sensible move that even more deeply underlines how the high price of painlessness was still a major barrier to success.

According to The Washington Post, MedImmune is working with its partner Wyeth (NYSE:WYE) to come up with a more reasonable price for the inhaled vaccine. As it stands now, FluMist's wholesale price is $46 (already a hefty tag compared to the flu shot). The article said some doctors charged their patients a whopping $120 for the vaccine.

While it's true that this year's nasty flu season could have bolstered FluMist sales for a positive surprise, rumored price cuts seem to indicate that even with a shortage of flu shots, the vaccine was still a dud this year. At the very least, it's become clear that most consumers won't fork over that kind of money for a vaccine that can be obtained for $20.

While the media coverage of flu was widespread, the rush for vaccination has likely come and gone, making way for flu tests and flu remedies. Although the illness has reached epidemic proportions -- by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) standards -- for the week ended Jan. 3, the CDC said incidences have already decreased.

Back in November, MedImmune lowered sales projections for the pain-free vaccine to between $55 million and $85 million, a far cry from original hopes for sales of between $120 million and $140 million.

MedImmune's stock has certainly taken it in the nose; today it's flirting with its 52-week low, after months spent under the weather. While there are other concerns to reckon with (squeamishness about live virus, age restrictions, insurance coverage), a more palatable price for this flagship product could make MedImmune's prospects look a whole lot healthier.

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