Is NetWare a Novell (NASDAQ:NOVL) product line or the ultimate question? That's what folks who were looking for the networking specialist to produce a quarterly profit last night were probably left wondering when the company produced disappointing fiscal second-quarter results.

Net? Where?

In fact, Novell produced a loss of $0.04 a share after a series of charges. While it would have earned $0.03 a share without the markdowns -- meeting Wall Street expectations -- the results weren't highly encouraging.

Sure, revenues were up by 7% for the period to $294 million, but more than half of those gains were inflated by favorable currency translations. A troublesome pop in accounts receivable due to uncollected debts floating further past due resulted in negative cash flow. It's not a pretty picture, but Novell deserves a little more patience.

Last year, the company seemed to be regaining its winning ways through reinvention. After a few Linux-related acquisitions and with a willing investor in IBM (NYSE:IBM), change was in the air. And while open source isn't the fat of the margin-happy land that a heavy like Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) grazes on, RedHat (NASDAQ:RHAT) has carved out some decent scratch from Linux.

We still don't know whether Novell will be a contender or a pretender. Thankfully, it has a forgiving balance sheet that is rich in greenery. With nearly $2 a share in cash, the company will have a few chances to fail before it gets its turnaround right. That doesn't mean that it eventually will get it right. Only that it's too soon to abandon all hope.

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