Valentine's Day can mean different things to different people. For some, it's a day to celebrate love, awash in roses and chocolate. For others, it's a time to bitterly bemoan their single status.

For our investment-hungry Foolish team of writers, though, it's a day to profess their deepest feelings for their favorite companies -- the companies they admire, cherish, and, yes, love.

Read on to see what we're offering up this year. We've got the company behind one of the best-known condiment name brands around, as well as the firm whose name has come to be synonymous with caffeine ubiquity. There's also something for the small-cap lover and the person who's interested in new technology. For the adventurous, we've got two different travel-focused companies. And for those readers interested in mutual funds or real estate investment trusts, we haven't forgotten about you, either.

And now, on to this year's Stocks Fools Love:

Stocks Fools loved last year
Our sweeties we hope to hold onto forever. When it comes right down to it, although the best length of time for holding a company is "forever," sometimes we have to move on. Last year our Foolish cupids declared their love to five companies. As you'll see, some of the companies said "I love you, too!" while one stamped our sweet soliloquies "RETURN TO SENDER," followed it with a "Dear John" letter, and then filed a restraining order just to rub it in.

Ah, unrequited love.

Company Author Return
CNS (NASDAQ:CNXS) Elliott 30.4%
Sara Lee (NYSE:SLE) Emmert 9.2%
TJX (NYSE:TJX) Mann 7.8%
Krispy Kreme (NYSE:KKD) Munarriz -82.7%
Hooker Furniture (NASDAQ:HOFT) Moore 9.6%
Average return: -5.2%

So, a total return that is dragged down severely by one company, Krispy Kreme. Makes you feel like the old adage of having your head in a hot oven and your feet in the freezer. On average, you're perfectly comfortable.

See you next year!