Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPod accessories very well might be on the top of many holiday gift lists, in conjunction with the electronics devices themselves. If you've ever wondered what to give someone who has everything -- including their own iPod -- one of this year's answers might be some iPod attire.

An article on on Monday said that the iPod continues to have craze status -- observing that many people are spending more on accessories for their iPods than they are on the gadgets themselves. If you thought that one cover would be enough for anybody's iPod, maybe you've got it wrong. The article describes much more excess -- for example, Louis Vuitton iPod-ready purses that retail for between $215 and $285. Meanwhile, one can get outlandishly human outfits as well, such as hoodies.

The article described the gamut of other highly decorative, non-functional accessories -- applique crystals, for example, not to mention the temporary "tattoos" that have been available for quite some time. All of these items have the sole purpose of allowing iPod owners to express their individuality -- not to mention dress up their devices. Talk about form over function.

It seems kind of odd that people have been wringing their hands over sales of apparel for, well, humans -- look at the angst that has surrounded retailers like Gap (NYSE:GPS) this holiday season -- when apparel for iPods appears to be doing just fine.

Retailers are well aware of this fact, too, of course. It's not just the usual suspects that offer iPod gear -- places such as RadioShack (NYSE:RSH), Best Buy (NYSE:BBY), or (NASDAQ:AMZN). There are plenty of other retailers you might not expect trying to get in on the action, too, such as RedEnvelope (NASDAQ:REDE) and Sharper Image (NASDAQ:SHRP).

According to the NPD Group, iPod junkies will spend $500 million on iPod accessories in 2005, and that doesn't include speakers and headphones.

It seems quite obvious that Apple's longstanding iPod craze will continue through the holiday season -- last month it became apparent that its new nano was raking in anything but tiny sales. Apple investors seem unlikely to see too much disappointment in the short term, while the wreaths adorn the doors, the wrapping paper flies, and trees blink shiny lights, at any rate. However, we'll all be interested to see what 2006 might hold for Apple and its dominance in the music biz.

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Alyce Lomax does not own shares of any of the companies mentioned, although she does have quite a few accessories for her iPods.