Goals, moles, and bowls will play bit parts in the week of news that is waiting to happen.

If consumer electronics are high on your list of Christmas and holiday gifts, then maybe Monday won't be the first time that you sneak a glimpse at Circuit City (NYSE:CC). The company's quarterly report takes on a new level of urgency now that Motley Fool Stock Advisor recommendation Best Buy (NYSE:BBY) came up short on Tuesday. Then again, this may also be the ideal time for Circuit City to step out of Best Buy's shadow and establish itself as a stock worth owning. The company has rebuffed buyout offers, so it certainly needs to prove to its shareholders that the company can thrive on its own. Monday would be a great time to start.

You've got to hand it to Palm (NASDAQ:PALM). The company helped revolutionize the PDA movement, only to find itself as a mere spectator when Research In Motion's (NASDAQ:RIMM) BlackBerry became the gizmo of choice. Now Palm is fighting back, getting into the game again with aplomb thanks to hot products such as its Treo smartphone.

Investors have enjoyed the company's revival. The stock is trading 34% higher since it was recommended back in March to Stock Advisor subscribers. So when Palm calls on Tuesday, let's see how the market answers.

Does FedEx (NYSE:FDX) deliver on Wednesdays? That's what shareholders are certainly counting on when the company reports its fiscal second-quarter results. Patient investors -- you know, those who don't need FedEx to be an overnight success -- have been rewarded nicely. The stock is up 76% since it was singled out in to Motley Fool Stock Advisor nearly three years ago.

Cereal? You've got to love it, especially if you just happen to be Kellogg (NYSE:K) or General Mills (NYSE:GIS). On Thursday, it will be General Mills' turn to shed some light on its fiscal second quarter's performance. The company's top line may never be much of a barn burner -- sales were up a mere 3% this past quarter -- but profit margins widened three months ago, and investors covet companies that can milk more out of less.

Heading into an extended market holiday, you would probably be worried if one of your stocks was holding a Friday afternoon earnings call. Thankfully the slate is pretty bare. That means you can get started with the weekend festivities -- or take in one of the new Hollywood films that opens on Friday, like The Ringer or Memoirs of a Geisha.

Oh, and don't eat too much.

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