Another Monday, another market holiday. In observance of New Year's Day, Wall Street won't be ringing bells at 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. So don't you dare flick on CNBC or pull up a stock quote online. Take the day off. Work on your resolutions. Break a few, even.

The abridged trading week begins with Walgreen (NYSE:WAG). The pharmacy chain kicks off the 2006 calendar with its fiscal first-quarter report. Over the years, Walgreen has been one thing: consistent. Back in September, it reported record sales and earnings. Again. Just like the previous 31 consecutive years. The upticks have been mostly gradual, but investors don't seem to mind. Let's see whether the company, toiling away successfully in a sector that continues to consolidate, can keep the streak going to 32.

I wish I had a Sonic (NASDAQ:SONC) nearby. I tend to seek them out when I'm out of Miami; pulling up to an intercom to place an order and have it delivered to my car takes on a fresh novelty after you've gone through so many cookie-cutter drive-thru establishments. The food isn't bad, either -- at least for the penny-pinching prices. So until the 3,000-unit chain actually breaks ground closer to home, I'm down to hoping for a roadtrip or checking in on the company every three months when it serves up its quarterly report. That's what Wednesday will bring.

Back in October, Sonic closed out fiscal 2005 on thinner operating margins, due partly to higher energy costs. At the time, Sonic expected margins to stabilize. Did they? Drive up to the conference-call intercom next week and listen in. Order me a cherry limeade while you're at it.

Like a roughed-up Grand Theft Auto baddie, Take-Two Interactive (NASDAQ:TTWO) isn't looking too pretty as it gears up to report its quarterly report. Last month, the company warned that it would miss its mark, coming up short for both fiscal 2005 and fiscal 2006. The hurt will be felt on Thursday, as the company wraps up 2005 with earnings of no better than $0.56 a share for the year, a projected sum that obliterated analyst expectations of $0.86 a share. The shares have already discounted the bad news, but we will have to see if the company provides a more upbeat or downbeat outlook for the year ahead.

Take-Two wasn't alone. A month after the company warned, other software publishers like Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:ERTS) and Activision (NASDAQ:ATVI) also hosed down their near-term guidance. Most point to the rollout of the Xbox 360 as a game-maker killjoy. With all three console makers in the process of introducing their next-generation systems, few gamers feel compelled to load up on new titles for fading platforms. They're probably saving up their pennies, though, so today's weakness should spell opportunities over the next year or two.

Video games are a dynamic growth area. The margins are high. A hit franchise can bring a steady flow of sequel revenue. Both EA and Activision are active Motley Fool Stock Advisor recommendations. The short-term slide stings. How can it not? But investors with a longer-term view may have some upside to look forward to.

Plastics? Why not? A. Schulman (NASDAQ:SHLM) closes out the week with its fiscal first-quarter report. Even though the plastics manufacturer has spent the past five years going through various restructurings in an effort to remain competitive, A. Schulman remains profitable. Some are skeptical, though. Back in October, Nathan Parmelee wasn't overly impressed with the company's most recent quarterly report after he backed out a series of one-time charges. So what will get on Friday? More paper or more plastic? We'll see. We always do.

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