Software and soft wear will color in the week that lies ahead.

It may seem that every time Oracle's (NASDAQ:ORCL) Larry Ellison speaks, he's announcing an acquisition. Well, every three months, the software giant's CEO actually chimes in to share some thoughts on what his own company is doing. Sure, that company may now include the likes of Siebel, PeopleSoft, and Retek, but you get the drift. And that's how investors will kick off the new trading week, as Oracle unveils its fiscal third-quarter report on Monday.

As March Madness unfolds, we may be looking more at the shots than the shoes. It's why basketball at the collegiate level is as exciting as it is pure. Naturally, when many of this month's NCAA stars graduate to the pros, they will be seeking out the big-money shoe deals. That's where Nike (NYSE:NKE) comes in. You don't have to be Michael Jordan or LeBron James to win a big payday from the athletic footwear giant. Longtime shareholders are doing pretty well, too.

On Tuesday, the company behind the stylish swoosh logo will post its fiscal third-quarter financials. Growth is expected to be held in check, with earnings per share rising from $1.01 to $1.09, but as long as Nike keeps heading in the right direction, investors are likely to follow its well-trodden path.

On Wednesday, many investors will turn their attention to FedEx (NYSE:FDX). With good reason, too; the stock has doubled since David Gardner recommended it to Motley Fool Stock Advisor subscribers three years ago. However, I'm most intrigued by the quarterly report from KB Home (NYSE:KBH). Even though the housing market has been cooling off lately, not all homebuilders have been feeling the same kind of pinch. It will be interesting to hear how KB Home sees itself -- and the industry -- playing out this year and beyond.

Then it will be time for Palm (NASDAQ:PALM) to show its hand. The PDA pioneer reports on Thursday, and it, too, has been a big winner for David. The stock is trading 77% higher since David recommended the stock in the Stock Advisor newsletter service less than a year ago. Thanks to its hot line of Treo smartphones, the company matters again. Find out how much it really matters on Thursday.

We wrap up the week ahead with Limited (NYSE:LTD). The specialty retailer can almost be seen as the anti-Oracle, since it has spun off successful mall concepts instead of acquiring other merchants. Even though we already know how the company's comps fared over the holidays, we'll now learn how much of that trickled to the bottom line.

Until next week, I remain,

Rick Munarriz

Longtime Fool contributor Rick Munarriz recommends windshield-wiper fluid when trying to look forward. He does not own shares in any of the companies in this story. The Fool has a disclosure policy. Rick is also part of the Rule Breakers newsletter research team, seeking out tomorrow's ultimate growth stocks a day early.