Rich, are you kidding me? The House of Mouse needs an exterminator? Don't you recognize the inherent equity of that mighty murine mascot?

I do. Disney (NYSE:DIS) simply requires patience. That's the Foolish way -- you buy a company with long-term potential based on its business model and cash-flow characteristics, then stick with it.

Rich is ignoring the value of this icon; it's a lot more magical than either News Corp. (NYSE:NWS) or Viacom (NYSE:VIA). Seriously -- Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) may have Bugs Bunny, but Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and all the rest have special places in the hearts of children and adults across the globe. It's true that Mickey might not seem as cool to people in this day and age, but he's still strong. And don't forget Pooh! All of this adds up to operational cash flow growth -- cash provided by operations in 2003 was $2.9 billion, while 2005 saw that figure jump to $4.3 billion. What will that value be like ten years from now? Probably a lot higher.

I concede that Pixar stumbled a bit with Cars. Nevertheless, it was the No. 1 film two weekends in a row, driving considerably more than $100 million into box-office coffers. Pixar is allowed to have a relatively weak performer every now and then, and besides, having Pixar's John Lasseter in charge will hopefully catalyze Disney's entire animated department.

The stock may not be statistically cheap, but come on, Rich, you know it's hard to properly quantify a brand like Disney's. That brand is going to drive so many moneymaking opportunities, especially in the area of video games, in which the company is investing significantly.

Sure, it's been dead money. But think of this, my friend -- investors can reinvest dividends and pick up shares at low prices, setting themselves up nicely for the eventual rebound. Just wait for that magic ...

Let further Foolishness be your guide:

Think you're done with the Duel? You're not! Go back and read the other three arguments, then vote for a winner.

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Fool contributor Steven Mallas owns shares of Disney. The Fool has a disclosure policy.