Keeping you informed is one of our goals at The Motley Fool. So just in case you missed it, here's a recap of what happened during the week of Nov. 20 through Nov. 24, 2006, in the retail sector, as reported from our best and brightest.

I kicked off the week by taking a look at action sports retailer and Hidden Gems recommendation Zumiez (NASDAQ:ZUMZ). The company continues to do lots of things that impress me (those margins and returns on invested capital are very nice). But unfortunately, price continues to get in the way of an investment decision.

But enough about what I think; two other fan favorites also chimed in on Monday with their thoughts on the retail world. Alyce Lomax wrote about what's happening at Citi Trends (NASDAQ:CTRN), and Ryan Furhmann kept us abreast of goings-on at big blue home-improvement retailer Lowe's (NYSE:LOW).

Alyce liked what she saw in Citi Trends' results, as the retailer continues to grow in more ways than one. Ryan saw Lowe's growth slowing a bit, but wondered if this was a time of opportunities for great long-term returns.

How fitting that electronic games retailer and Stock Advisor selection GameStop (NYSE:GME) would release its earnings the week of the highly anticipated launch of Sony's PlayStation 3. Even though there were many unfortunate events surrounding the sales of the consoles, things were looking good for GameStop.

High-end retailer Nordstrom (NYSE:JWN) also reported that things were cruising along smashingly, darling. Is that a sign that certain folks in our economy aren't affected by the slowdown, or that Nordstrom is doing a great job in a tough environment? Maybe it's both.

It had what seemed like pretty impressive results, so Alyce Lomax wondered why the market threw a bucket of cold water in the face of women's fashion retailer Coldwater Creek (NASDAQ:CWTR). Maybe markets are like women: Men like me love them, but never fully understand them.

Borders Group (NYSE:BGP) rounded out the earnings releases from the major booksellers. Results didn't inspire, unfortunately. Maybe that's why activist investor Bill Ackman staked a 10% claim on the company, to help bring back some enthusiasm.

The Motley Fool was off on Thursday enjoying a wonderful Turkey Day, just like the rest of you. I know that I am thankful for my wife, my daughter, my family, and my friends. And I am also thankful for readers like you, who make this whole thing possible.

Whoa! That's today. Better check out the site to see what's going on.

So that's the week that was in retail. Tune in next week to see what Foolishness our best analysts will have in store for you then.

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Retail editor and Inside Value team member David Meier is ranked 93 out of 13,965 in CAPS and does not own shares in any of the companies mentioned. You can view his TMF profile here. The Fool takes its disclosure policy very seriously.