Last week, our writers presented you with their favorite tech stocks for the year ahead, and we asked you to decide the overall winner. You -- and by "you," I mean you and several hundred thousand of your closest Fool friends -- responded with force.

The battle played out in the arenas of Motley Fool CAPS, and when the dust had cleared, Advanced Micro Devices was the clear winner. Many of you were swayed by Anders Bylund's arguments that AMD is better equipped in the chip war against Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), as well as the fact that AMD is now trading at a 60% discount from its 52-week high.

That said, all the other entries put in respectable showings, especially IBM, which finished within shouting distance of AMD.

If you missed all the hullabaloo, you can catch up by starting here, or just read about the company that interests you by clicking a link below. Thanks for playing!

Intel is an Inside Value pick. Secure Computing is a Rule Breakers recommendation.