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A tall drink of water
The same creative geniuses who brought you our financial mess are showing they haven't lost their ingenuity. After the outcry about obscene bonuses granted to executives at American International Group (NYSE:AIG), compensation practices at companies operating on the public dole have drawn closer scrutiny.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has said that substantial change is needed in compensation, but President Obama's attempt at dictating all pay practices from the White House was met by a chorus of jeers. Caps are coming; we just have to wait to see what form they'll take.

That hasn't kept Wall Street from revamping things on its own. So you've got a problem with bonuses? OK, Morgan Stanley has said it's going to limit them, but only after increasing base salaries. The crib notes to the plan say the outsized pay for failure Wall Street's wizards enjoyed remains essentially unchanged, but allow Morgan Stanley to say it is doing something.

That's good enough for Citigroup (NYSE:C) and Bank of America (NYSE:BAC), who are following right along after Morgan Stanley's lead, initiating their own compensation "reform."

Investors at CAPS remain convinced that Morgan Stanley will emerge as a stronger institution, with 75% of those rating the company indicating that it will outperform the markets. All-Star members are a little less sanguine about Morgan Stanley's prospects, with a little more than two-thirds of them suggesting it will continue to exceed expectations.

DNAJUICE writes that stronger banks will swallow the weaker ones when things get better; EEE1 says the company will thrive.

Morgan Stanley is a survivor and should grab a lot of business from the former Lehman Brothers.

Gather 'round
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