As fundamentals-focused long-term investors, Fools never base an investment decision on the daily gyrations of the market. But the market's daily price movements can be useful when looking for new stock ideas for further research, or to keep tabs on watch-list stocks.

Below you'll find today's biggest movers among our five-star stocks -- the highest rating awarded by our CAPS community of more than 135,000 investors. Have a look, and then visit us on CAPS to dig in further on each of them.


Up Today


Sector Past 30 Days

Fools Saying Outperform


Wonder Auto Technology, Inc.



Auto Components


476 of 486


TBS International Limited





1135 of 1184


Silicon Motion Technology Corp. (ADR)



Semiconductors and Semiconductor Equipment


808 of 822


Other Five-Star Auto Components
WABCO Holdings Inc. (NYSE:WBC) up 7.00%
Other Five-Star Marine
Diana Shipping, Inc. (NYSE:DSX) up 5.29%
Navios Maritime Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:NM) up 5.08%
Other Five-Star Semiconductors and Semiconductor Equipment
Intellon (NASDAQ:ITLN) up 6.35%
Trident Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:TRID) up 6.17%

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Disclosure is important to us here at The Motley Fool. The stocks mentioned in this article received "five-star" ratings from participants in The Motley Fool's CAPS service and are showing strong percentage gains in today's market, at least compared with other CAPS five-star stocks.

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