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A tall drink of water
You knew it had to happen. TASER stun guns are going designer, with everything from "red hot red" to leopard print. Carrying around the more industrial-looking versions used by the police just isn't the right fashion statement, I guess. Then there's a new holster for the stun gun with a built-in MP3 player. So you can take down the would-be mugger while still thrashing your head to the latest speed metal riff. I actually like these ideas because they should help make the product more accessible to the public and bring in incremental revenues.

What I'm not so sure about is TASER's foray into texting. Or the monitoring of texting, anyway. With TASER's new Protector service, calls, texts, emails, and photos that would be sent to your child's phone would be routed to your phone for preview first.

What worries me is TASER venturing off into a new line of business. (There is no stun or shock involved in the preview service.) New ventures like this, even if they seemingly have a lot of value to them, hold risks for companies that try them.

I much prefer it when companies stick to their knitting, but other investors seem unconcerned. CAPS member mac07 views the Protector service as a potential new source of revenue, while alars79 thinks the traditional line of business will continue to hold up well.

[Dominant] player in the ECD market. Solid cash position and no debt. Has had consistent revenues during the Great Recession. With continued terrorism fears, this type of weapon seems to make sense for on-board security personnel. Tase me bro!

Personal protection has been a big factor for people during this recession and has helped fuel the rise of shares in handgun manufacturers like Smith & Wesson Holding (NASDAQ:SWHC). TASER could join that group if its designer collection catches on.

Getting static
Even the most avid advocate of InterDigital had to admit that losing the patent case with Nokia (NYSE:NOK) was a blow, despite management saying those patents represented but a small portion of its licensing program. The stock was hit hard in the aftermath, but since then it has staged a nice rebound.

It seems the market initially felt that if InterDigital lost Nokia, then it would lose everything. Why would Samsung sign up again if it could be shown that there were workarounds? Why would anyone? The fact is, InterDigital has a portfolio that remains intact, something the International Trade Commission said when it found the patents valid. So companies won't simply be able to avoid the issue, and with new opportunities abounding in 3G and 4G networks, the company could still dial up some sweet profits.

Investors also remain confident, with CAPS member danpuperi finding InterDigital's cash position and otherwise solid financials attractive.

Financials look solid – low debt, strong cash and positive cash flow, high profit margin. Growing company with stable EPS growth and good growth predicted for next year. Lots of share buybacks for the past 5 years. Really nothing negative to say. Only downside is that it is a little expensive at about $27. [Trailing 12 months] P/E is 22.30 and average of last 3 years P/E is 16.08 (because of unusually strong 2006).

Just shy of 1,100 CAPS members have rated the wireless technology company to outperform the market, so why not join them on the InterDigital CAPS page to sound off on whether it has what it takes?

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