Soup, sojourns, and satellites will color in the next week.

The trading week kicks off with a nice cup of earnings soup, courtesy of Campbell Soup (NYSE: CPB). The food giant lowered its sales outlook for all of 2010 on Wednesday, but kept its bottom-line guidance intact as a result of aggressive cost- cutting.

Orbitz Worldwide
(NYSE: OWW) checks in. Travel websites Travelzoo (Nasdaq: TZOO) and (Nasdaq: PCLN) have posted solid quarterly results this month, but Wall Street is braced for a loss at Orbitz Worldwide.

(Nasdaq: GRMN) navigates its way to the earnings stage. After four consecutive quarters of year-over-year decreases in profitability, the GPS leader returned to earnings growth three months ago. Analysts don't expect much of a step up this time -- targeting net income of $0.94 a share when the company earned $0.93 a share a year ago -- but at least Garmin isn't lost anymore.

Satellite radio fans will tune in when Sirius XM Radio (Nasdaq: SIRI) reports. The company has already pre-announced healthy subscriber growth and free cash flow targets. Now we'll get to find out how it all shook out on the way to the bottom line.

Pepco Holdings
(NYSE: POM) wraps up the trading week. The Washington, D.C.-based electric service provider may have a few stories to tell about blizzard outages, but that obviously isn't a factor in the company's fourth-quarter report. Analysts see a profit of $0.20 a share, well short of the $0.32 a share the company earned a year earlier.

Until next week, I remain,

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