The turmoil in the markets makes it too easy to justify selling any stock these days. Yet while panic never helps investors, it's still a good idea to play devil's advocate with investments.

Consider imaging chip maker OmniVision Technologies (Nasdaq: OVTI). Though its products are blazing a trail of amazing growth, you'll find more than a few of the 609 Motley Fool CAPS members who've weighed in on the company offering reasons to be bearish.

Here at The Motley Fool, we like to consider both the good and bad sides of an investment.In this article, I'm highlighting three of the main bearish arguments on OmniVision today. Be sure to read the bullish side as well, and then weigh in with your own comments below or rate OmniVision in CAPS.                                             

1. Increasing competition
While OmniVision has been increasing its sales in various markets and has a strong relationship with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (NYSE: TSM), which cranks out OmniVision's chips, the company also faces intense competition at home and abroad with more companies vying for space in its markets. This leaves some investors wary that the company may be vulnerable to larger players that can undercut current products or jump ahead with new technology.

2. Pricing pressure
Some CAPS members are concerned about the pressure OmniVision's margins face and the continuing pressure that competition puts on its selling prices. With companies like Micron (NYSE: MU) spinoff Aptina Imaging, STMicroelectronics, Kodak (NYSE: EK), and Sony (NYSE: SNE) trying to get a piece, the pressure is expected to remain, and some CAPS members are concerned about the strength of any moats that OmniVision has to keep competition at bay.       

3. Premium shares
Despite sales to major wireless manufacturers like Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) and other strong customers like Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), OmniVision is commanding a premium for the 10% annual growth rate that analysts are estimating for the next five years. With the company losing money over the past four quarters and potential headwinds ahead, some investors see opportunities for bargains in other places.

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