As the markets closed on Friday, two headlines caught my eye:

"Why the Worst Isn't Over Yet," CNNMoney

"Correction or Beginning of a Bear Market?" Wall Street Journal online

With so much uncertainty hanging around the market in general, I thought it would be instructive to look at the particular stocks that have the most doubters.

The list below looks at the 10 stocks with the highest short interest. I've limited this screen to stocks trading on major U.S. exchanges, and to rule out penny stocks I set a limit of $1 a share. Finally, I focused on short interest rather than the largest total short positions because the latter stat predictably skews toward mega-cap stocks and exchange-traded funds with massive trading volume.

Here are the results:


Market Cap

Short Interest as a % of Shares Outstanding

Motley Fool
CAPS rating

Amedisys (Nasdaq: AMED)

$1.3 billion



Fuel Systems Solutions (Nasdaq: FSYS)

$484 million



Synaptics (Nasdaq: SYNA)

$949 million



Sequenom (Nasdaq: SQNM)

$370 million



NutriSystem (Nasdaq: NTRI)

$672 million



Energy Conversion Devices (Nasdaq: ENER)

$209 million



PetMed Express (Nasdaq: PETS)

$412 million



Blackboard (Nasdaq: BBBB)

$1.4 billion



Athenahealth (Nasdaq: ATHN)

$762 million



AMAG Pharmaceutical (Nasdaq: AMAG)

$698 million



Data from Capital IQ (a division of Standard & Poor's) as of June 11. CAPS data from Motley Fool CAPS; out of a possible five stars.

So what?
For balance, I included each stock's Motley Fool CAPS rating, a gauge of the Main Street sentiment. Wall Street sentiment is against these 10 stocks, but the CAPS community isn't entirely bearish.

Many are betting on these stocks' demise. That's not to say the short-sellers are always right -- just that if you own them, you should carefully weigh all that pessimism against your investing thesis.

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