History is full of epic rivalries: boxers vs. briefs, the Whopper vs. the Big Mac, Yankees vs. Red Sox, Paris vs. Nicole. But foremost of all these storied conflicts, the Great Cola Wars -- the long-standing Coke vs. Pepsi showdown -- still has the power to divide even the closest of friends.

Despite our differences in soda pop preferences -- Dayana carries the banner of Diet Pepsi, while Alyce defends Diet Coke to the death -- we do agree that PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP) is the brand best suited for investors' portfolios.

Introducing New Pepsi!
No, Pepsi isn't replacing its flagship formula, a la "New Coke." But this consumer giant has adopted a new and refreshing approach to everything it does, from top management down to the business of environmentally friendlier resource management.

Leading the charge is an extremely high-powered female CEO, who's driving the business in unconventional and highly effective ways.