Thanksgiving is here, and across the country people are taking stock of their pantries deciding how best to trim their turkeys, tofurkeys, turduckens, cowporkens, or whatever the day's main dish will be.

But it's not the menu that's got our attention -- we're more interested in where people choose to shop for all the trimmings.

So who's excited to go to Safeway? Anyone? Anyone? Exactly.

The main dish in the supermarket sector
Supermarket stocks have been about as appetizing as that mystery dish hiding at the back of the fridge. The grocery sector is in tough times because of skittish consumers and tons of competition. But there is one standout -- a store that makes shopping an experience, not a chore.

Whole Foods Market (Nasdaq: WFMI) is one of the very few truly appetizing stocks among the grocers. It boasts impressive revenue growth, high margins, and manageable debt. It's also got a few of the intangible positives that female investors like us appreciate -- and male investors shouldn't just brush off as "soft metrics" when they do their analysis.