Cheap, clean-burning natural gas is fast becoming many commercial fleets' favorite fuel. Thanks to new laws and federal regulations mandating alternative-fuel vehicles, even more companies could embrace this relatively abundant, domestically produced alternative to oil. If and when they do, one company stands poised to profit.

Fuel Systems Solutions (Nasdaq: FSYS) builds infrastructure and converts gasoline-powered vehicles to run on natural gas, and it's working hard to corner the fleet market. Through multiple acquisitions, the company has amassed an impressive portfolio of the EPA certificates required to convert vehicles from oil-based fuels to gas. It's certified to convert two of the most popular fleet vehicles, Chevy's 2011 Malibu and Impala, along with the 2011 Ford (NYSE: F) Transit Connect, a popular choice for many cities' new taxicabs.

As it expands, Fuel Systems Solutions also boasts an impressive customer list. The company recently teamed up with General Motors (NYSE: GM) to manufacture CNG vans for AT&T's (NYSE: T) corporate fleet. The communications giant could be a major customer for years to come, since it plans to deploy 15,000 alternative vehicles by 2018.

Fuel Systems Solutions also converts vehicles for major energy names such as Chesapeake Energy (NYSE: CHK) and Apache. Chesapeake currently operates 4,200 fleet vehicles, 20% of which run on compressed natural gas. The company plans to convert its entire fleet to natural gas by 2014. Expect Fuel Systems Solutions to make every effort to meet Chesapeake's conversion needs, and do likewise for any other interested companies.

The bottom line
Natural gas makes a natural fit for fleets, and more businesses and government entities will likely switch to natural gas fuels in the years to come. Fuel Systems Solutions may offer Fools an ideal way to invest in this trend. 

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