The following video is part of our "Motley Fool Conversations" series, in which Motley Fool financial editors Andrew Tonner and Austin Smith discuss their favorite stocks.

In today's edition, Austin and Andrew talk about some of the screaming bargains in the tech sector. While P/E ratios have risen a bit over the past few days -- above what they were when this video was shot -- it's important to carry the same lesson going forward if you're thinking about buying tech. It's a must-watch review for any value or tech investor.

The true winners
The tech sector is known for rapid pops and drops that can make investors rich or broken. Fortunately, the Motley Fool has organized some of our favorite, fairly valued stocks ready to explode. The report is titled "3 Hidden Winners of the iPhone, iPad, and Android Revolution." Everyone knows the mobile revolution is just at the beginning, but hardly anyone knows how to ride it to riches. You can learn how by clicking here now. Don't worry; the report is 100% free.

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