If you're aiming to "buy low and sell high," then it makes infinite sense to start your search with bargain-priced stocks. Regularly reviewing a list of stocks trading near their 52-week lows can be a great first step.

In this series, I do the initial legwork for you. To prevent us from being inundated with scores of disparate companies, I conduct my search by industry. This allows us to make some initial comparisons among semi-related companies.

Today, let's look at the gold space. Below are the 11 gold stocks that are within 20% of their 52-week lows and have market caps above $200 million.


Recent Price

52-Week Low

52-Week High

P/E Ratio (trailing)

Exeter Resource (AMEX: XRA) $3.12 $2.88 $6.50 NM
Agnico-Eagle Mines (NYSE: AEM) $42.69 $40.39 $88.20 60.9
Seabridge Gold (AMEX: SA) $21.53 $19.84 $36.22 NM
Compania de Minas Buenaventura SA $37.50 $35.33 $56.13 11.2
International Tower Hill Mines (AMEX: THM) $4.92 $4.42 $10.49 NM
Lake Shore Gold $1.35 $1.23 $4.53 NM
Keegan Resources (AMEX: KGN) $4.32 $3.80 $9.65 NM
Great Basin Gold $0.96 $0.86 $3.04 NM
Kinross Gold (NYSE: KGC) $13.61 $12.08 $19.59 23.8
IAMGOLD $19.31 $16.37 $23.79 16.2
Barrick Gold (NYSE: ABX) $50.27 $42.50 $55.95 12.2

Source: S&P Capital IQ and Yahoo! Finance.

Personally, the gold space (either physical or miners) isn't one of my favorites. I can't get past the unknowable intrinsic value of gold. Since it's not primarily a production resource like oil, there isn't an easy way for me to value gold.

Of course, over the last decade, the price of gold has skyrocketed, costing more than $1,700 an ounce today. With so many gold miners sitting near 52-week lows, my fellow Fool Christopher Barker, who follows the space religiously, sees opportunity. Read his take on the state of the industry here. One thing I'd caution if you delve into the industry is to pay attention to potential profitability at wide ranges of gold prices so you're prepared if gold prices drop.

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