There's no denying that 2011 was a flop when it comes to new issues.

Bloomberg data shows that stateside IPOs raised $38.8 billion this year, 10% below last year's debutantes. It gets uglier overseas. New issues in Asia raised a little more than half as much as they did in 2010.

All hope isn't lost, of course.

Facebook, Yelp, LivingSocial, and Glam Media are just some of the big names likely to go public in 2012 -- and those are just the Internet darlings.

We often spend so much time paying attention to the dot-com rookies on exchanges that we miss the bigger overall picture. Everyone seems to remember that Zynga (Nasdaq: ZNGA) became a busted IPO when it debuted two weeks ago, but what about the eight other companies that went public alongside the social gaming leader? Six of the eight are actually trading for more than their IPO prices.



Dec. 28

Bonanza Creek (Nasdaq: BCEI) $17.00 $12.90
Gazit-Globe $9.00 $9.60
Jive Software (Nasdaq: JIVE) $12.00 $15.35
Michael Kors (Nasdaq: KORS) $20.00 $27.41
Laredo Petroleum (NYSE: LPI) $17.00 $20.73
Mid-Con Energy $18.00 $18.42
Inergy Midstream (Nasdaq: NRGM) $17.00 $18.60
Sanchez Energy (NYSE: SN) $22.00 $17.20
Zynga $10.00 $9.50

Source: WSJ Market Data Group; FactSet Research.

Just Sanchez and Bonanza Creek are sharing Zynga's embarrassing situation of fetching less than what underwriters were able to get out of the first wave of clients and institutional investors. Most of these IPOs are energy companies, but Zynga stands alone when pitted against the successful debuts of social software developer Jive and fashion designer Michael Kors -- up 28% and 37%, respectively.  

The very fact that nine stocks went public in a single week -- the most IPOs to hit the market in a given week since 2007 -- is impressive enough. This sets the perfect tone as we head into a new year that is destined to show us bigger and better new issues.

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