CNG Now! is out with a new video on the growing market for natural gas vehicles:

Chesapeake Energy (NYSE: CHK) is one of the companies investing in the infrastructure for natural gas vehicles. In July of last year the company announced a $1 billion fund to invest in companies building out natural gas infrastructure. Its first investment was a $150 million investment in Clean Energy Fuels (Nasdaq: CLNE), which is building out a natural gas refueling station network.

Another company working on growing the market for natural gas vehicles is Westport Innovations (Nasdaq: WPRT), which provides the technology to build and convert engines to run on natural gas. On the industrial side, Westport is partnering with large manufacturers such as Cummins and Caterpillar. For consumer-facing applications, Westport will design engines for General Motors (NYSE: GM) light-duty vehicles and power Ford (NYSE: F) pickups with its bi-fuel system.

Analysts at The Motley Fool are excited by the potential of CNG technology and have written a free report on a small company converting existing fleets into clean-burning powerhouses. This stock could take off when the Nat Gas Act passes, so don't miss this opportunity to profit from clean energy today.

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