The following video is part of our "Motley Fool Conversations" series, in which technology and media editor/analyst Andrew Tonner and developer Chris Bledsoe discuss topics across the investing world.

The last 18 months witnessed an astounding amount of activity in the tech IPO space, as many impressive but unproven growth companies sold their shares to the public. Resembling the bubble mania of the early 2000s, many investors said the old rules of business didn't apply. However, investors have recently seen some embarrassing mishaps on the part of several of this IPO class' biggest stars. Most recently, daily deal powerhouse Groupon revised its fourth-quarter earnings downward. Is this the sign of a opening trend or just a temporary speed bump? Find out which companies Andrew thinks could be long-term winners and which investors need to avoid in this Motley Fool video.

The emergence of mobile computing isn't a new story, but there's still plenty of opportunity for savvy investors to cash in on this once-in-a-lifetime trend. We already know many of the largest players well, but some of the best ways to play this shift are still under the radar. To expose our readers to these companies, the Fool recently wrote a free report detailing three unknown ways to play the mobile revolution. We've made it absolutely free to our readers as well, so click here to access "3 Hidden Winners of the iPhone, iPad, and Android Revolution." The report is free today but won't be forever, so check out your copy today by clicking here. Enjoy, and Fool on!

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