The following video is part of our "Motley Fool Conversations" series, in which senior analyst Anand Chokkavelu, CFA, discusses topics around the investing world.

Warren Buffett's built up a lot of goodwill over his half-century of investing. His reputation for fair dealing and long-term perspective makes him a much-sought-after partner. In return for his help and the use of his brand, he tends to get deals others can't. The exact terms of his latest move aren't disclosed, but his company, Berkshire Hathaway, is now in on financing perfume maker Coty's bid to buy troubled beauty-product hawker Avon. After a failed bid a month earlier, Coty's upped its offer by 6.5% to $24.75 a share, or $10.7 billion. Anand gives his thoughts on the latest use of Buffett's brand.

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