Ford (NYSE: F) CEO Alan Mulally has been called "irreplaceable," and while the company has made clear he’s staying put for now, that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from buzzing about when he might leave.

At some point in the future, Ford will face the prospect of having to replace him. Should Ford shareholders be worried about a post-Mulally Ford?

I put that question to Eddy Elfenbein, who writes about stocks at Crossing Wall Street and has Ford as one of the 20 stocks on his "buy list." Elfenbein was named by CNNMoney as “the best buy-and-hold blogger” on the Web. We spoke last week in Washington, D.C., about Ford, Mulally, and a host of other topics. Watch our conversation here (run time: 2:39), or read the transcript below to see why he’s bullish on Ford: