Should JPMorgan (NYSE: JPM) CEO Jamie Dimon move on? He’s been lauded as the best banker on Wall Street -- and is one of the few financial executives to have emerged stronger from the financial crisis.

But the recent London Whale "hedging" debacle has put Dimon in the news for the wrong reasons. I asked Eddy Elfenbein, who writes about stocks at Crossing Wall Street and has JPMorgan as one of the 20 stocks on his "buy list," for his perspective on JPMorgan’s recent struggles.

Elfenbein, named by CNNMoney as "the best buy-and-hold blogger" on the Web, made clear that he thinks Dimon should give up his role as CEO for the sake of the bank. We spoke last week in Washington, D.C. -- before Dimon’s Senate testimony -- and you can watch our conversation here (run time: 2:35), or read the transcript below: