TJ Maxx parent TJX (NYSE: TJX) has gone on a heck of a run over the past 12 months, but some investors are worried about a mixed bag of an earnings report. Despite strong bottom-line growth, the company projected a softer third quarter. Frankly, this isn't worth reading into too much. The company remains an incredible operator, with an undeiable value proposition for shoppers. Even with a lighter third quarter, the company still raised its full-year estimates. 

Any pullback on the news would be a clear opportunity to pick up shares of a great company at a fair price.

The best part about an investment in TJX is that any Main Street shopper could have told you what Wall Street was missing all year: It's a great company! Had we, the 99%, put our investing money where our spending money was going, we would have been handsomely rewarded this year.

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