For investors to make educated decisions about their investments, they need to understand both the bear and bull thesis for each position they take. Even blue-chip stalwarts like those found on the Dow Jones Industrial Average are not without weakness. 

Up today is Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG)and three reasons to consider selling it. The company seems to have dropped the ball on emerging markets in the past few years and has given valuable market share to competitors such as Unilever (NYSE:UL)and Colgate-Palmolive(NYSE:CL), putting itself between a rock and a hard place of wasting money or retreating a bit from high-growth regions. Many other companies in this space have portfolios better suited for the soft consumer dollars we're seeing the world over as well. Lastly, the company has become noticeably less efficient with its cash over the past decade.

Yet despite all these weaknesses, Procter & Gamble remains an incredible company for just about any investor to own. It was hand-picked for our list of The 3 Dow Stocks Dividend Investors Need. You can uncover the reasons why: Just click here to read more now.