The new CAFE fuel economy standards have been finalized, and they could actually give a boost to natural gas vehicles. The standards, which require automakers' full lineups to average 35.5 MPG by 2016, and 54.5 MPG by 2025, will allow automakers to get credits for natural gas vehicles to use toward hitting these MPG numbers. This will likely help Honda in the short term, which offers a natural gas Civic, and could help Westport Innovations see more demand from the major automakers. Ultimately, infrastructure is still the main thing holding back natural gas as a commercial transport fuel. Analyst Brendan Byrnes doesn't expect natural gas vehicles to be widely adopted by the mainstream anytime soon, but this could be a helpful step in the process. 

One area where natural gas makes a lot of sense is for fleets. A huge potential winner in this field is Clean Energy Fuels, which focuses its natural gas efforts primarily on trucking and fleets. It is poised to make a big impact on an essential industry. Read all about Clean Energy Fuels in our brand-new report. Just click here to get started.