In the spirit of better investing and in celebration of the first Worldwide Invest Better Day coming up on Sept. 25, Motley Fool analysts will be answering user- and reader-submitted questions leading up to the big event. "Ask a Fool" anything, and we'll do our best to help you invest better.

In the following short video, senior analyst Anand Chokkavelu fields a question posed by reader Terry, who wonders, "If we get QE3, how should that affect REITs like NLY?"

"QE3" refers to the Federal Reserve's recently confirmed plan to lower long-term interest rates by buying up mortgage-backed securities, and "NLY" is Annaly Capital(NYSE:NLY)

The lowering of long-term interest rates will constrict the amount of spread these companies make, ultimately lowering their profitability as well as their potential to pay out dividends to shareholders -- which is the big attraction of mortgage REITs in the first place.

QE3 won't be a good thing for these companies. Watch the video for Anand's full take on the situation, including what else to keep in mind beyond the interest-rate spread.

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