Even though bank stocks have largely recovered from the financial crisis, many are still trading well under historic multiples on tangible book value. In this video, Fool.com analyst Anand Chokkavelu discusses the two main catalysts that could give these stocks the boost they need. In the short term, QE3 will lower long-term rates, meaning more refinancings and subsequent activity for the banks generating them. In the long term, though, the housing market recovery will be what's ultimately needed.

These catalysts apply equally to smaller banks like Huntington Bancshares (NASDAQ:HBAN) as they do to the giants of the sector, like Bank of America (NYSE:BAC). BAC is the most talked-about bank out there, which is why Anand has authored an in-depth premium research report on the company. The report details Bank of America's prospects, including reasons to buy and sell; and, as an added bonus, he'll provide a year's worth of guidance and updates on the company as key news develops. Click here now to access your copy today.

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