Every investor loves a high-yielding stock. It's for this reason that mortgage real estate investment trusts have become widely popular over the past few years, as mREITs Annaly Capital Management and Chimera Investment yield 12% and 13%, respectively.

Yet if something looks too good to be true, there's always the chance that it is. And this may be the case with Chimera. To learn why, check out the following video, in which Fool contributing writer John Maxfield identifies two serious problems with the high-yielding company.

Annaly Capital Management has a history of paying huge dividends to shareholders. But there are some crucial issues investors have to understand about Annaly's business model before buying the stock. In this brand-new premium research report on the company, our analyst runs through these absolute must know topics, as well as the future opportunities and pitfalls of their strategy. Click here now to claim your copy.

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