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Two charts from Business Insider show that domestic energy production continues to grow, and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down. Here are three outstanding energy stocks to play this strong trend.

Despite the drop in price, natural gas is still important to the United States. Producers such as Chesapeake Energy and EXCO Resources look risky given the situation. A better way to play it is through pipeline company Spectra Energy. It takes capital and equipment to produce oil and gas. That's where National Oilwell Varco comes in as well. It supplies critical systems and components to the production process. Investors looking to play the U.S. production trend directly should consider Denbury Resources. The U.S. oil company uses carbon dioxide to extract oil left behind in older oil wells.

It's good to see the United States producing more of its energy. And these three companies will continue to make that happen. See more in the following video.

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