National Oilwell Varco's (NYSE:NOV) latest earnings report should have shareholders resting easy, revealing a perfectly decent quarter and providing little reason to worry about the future of this top player in the drilling industry. While the stock was down a bit yesterday, this was the expected result of falling pennies short of analysts' EPS estimates. The company is up overall, reporting profits of $612 million. Segment revenue breakdown showed rig technology up 29% year over year, petroleum services and supplies up 18%, and distribution/transmission up 174% -- much of which can be attributed to the massive number of acquisitions that National Oilwell has undertaken.

Energy investors have been concerned about the North American slowdown and its negative effect on companies' earnings. While National Oilwell is no exception here, only half of the company's revenue comes from this region, so the impact will not prove catastrophic. In fact, now may be an ideal time to buy into National Oilwell while it's down in the market. For the full story on National Oilwell's latest quarter and what's in store for it next, be sure to check out the following video.