Dividend checks continue to get fatter in Corporate America, as more companies jack up their distribution rates.

Readers of the Income Investor newsletter can certainly appreciate that kind of thinking. Let's take a closer look at some of the companies that inched their payouts higher these past few days.

We can start with Johnson Controls (JCI -0.41%).

It's been 127 years since the company invented the electric room thermostat, but these days the company is heating up its payouts. The new quarterly rate of $0.19 a share is a 6% improvement over its earlier rate.

Sysco (SYY -0.54%) is also serving up heartier portions. The food-service leader is increasing its quarterly dividend 4% to $0.28 a share. This is something that investors should be used to by now. Sysco has managed to prop up its yield 44 times since 1970.

Primerica (PRI 0.13%) makes a living out of encouraging mainstream families to embrace investing, but now it's making its own stock more enticing. Primerica's boosting its quarterly disbursements 29% to $0.09 a share.

Finally, we have National Oilwell Varco (NOV -0.52%) gushing. The maker of equipment and components used in the oil and gas industry is going from sending shareholders $0.12 a share every three months to a slightly better $0.13 a share.

Checks and balances
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