Shares of Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) are at their lowest levels in over a year. The stock trades at eight times earnings, and with a dividend yield of 4.5%, this could be a value stock today. But why has the stock been feeling under the weather? And what can Intel do to nurse it back to health?

Intel's revenue is a proxy for the PC market -- a market that has been steadily declining while other technologies experience rapid growth. Consumers are more interested in buying tablets and smartphones. They've been less enthusiastic about purchasing desktops and laptops. Intel hasn't been able to penetrate the market for mobile devices in the same way it's been able to dominate the PC industry.

We can look at this as a significant opportunity for Intel. Technology is more in demand than ever, and Intel has the wherewithal to adapt to new changes in consumer taste. If Intel is able to align itself with the growth of the tablet market, the company's stock could make substantial gains in the future.