Talk about making an entrance! No sooner had Ford (NYSE:F) introduced its new C-Max Energi hybrid SUV than General Electric (NYSE:GE) placed an order for 2,000 units. With an EPA-estimated gas mileage of 47 mpg, and a new "miles-per-gallon-equivalent" rating estimated at 108, C-Max looked like it blew away the fuel efficiency standards set by archrival General Motors' (NYSE:GM) Chevy Volt -- and giving Toyota's (NYSE:TM) Prius and even Nissan's new electric Leaf a run for their money as well.

And then ... disaster struck. A raft of impartial reviewers, all arguing that the C-Max's ballyhooed fuel efficiency numbers were vastly overstated. Can Ford survive this scandal? Can its new car still be a success? Listen in, as Fool contributor Rich Smith explains.

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