Brendan Byrnes: I think, finally, one problem that people feel -- maybe one of the biggest problems -- is they feel overwhelmed when they're seeking out financial advice. They don't know who to trust, they don't know where to go.

What resources can people use, can they tap into and say, "This is what I need. This is someone I can trust" -- how do they need to go about that, in your opinion?

Linda Shelby: Of course, I think they should go to and get information. Interestingly, especially the Gen-Y-ers, 58% of them are talking to family and friends -- that's where they're drawing their initial advice -- and then consulting with professionals; 83% of them are seeking out professional help.

I think the most important thing is to look for someone that you trust, because that's going to be most important. That's more important than specific products, more important than even a specific strategy, is having someone that really listens to you, understands your needs, understands your risk tolerance, and can help you to design the portfolio that you're going to feel comfortable with, that helps you sleep at night, and also know that you're going to be able to reach those goals.

Brendan: Great. That was a great discussion. Linda Shelby, Merrill Edge Executive, thank you so much for joining us.

Linda: Thank you for having me.

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