Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) Studios, the video production arm of, gave the green light to five children's test pilots for production today. The new shows include Creative Galaxy from Angela Santomero (the creator of Blue's Clues), and Teeny Tiny Dogs from Howard Baker (Rugrats), produced by The Jim Henson Company (Sid the Science Kid, Dinosaur Train).

Along with the six comedy pilots that received the green light in December, Amazon Studios now has a total of 11 series in production. Once completed, the pilots will be free to watch on Amazon Instant Video, Prime Instant Video, Lovefilm UK, and Lovefilm Germany, for Amazon customers. Viewer feedback will help determine which series Amazon Studios should produce.

So far, the children show luminaries are excited to work with Amazon. Santomero said:

We know that art can have a powerfully positive effect on children, and through our proven signature approach to preschool television, we will actively help young viewers learn how to think creatively in their own lives. Working with Amazon Studios has been fantastic, and we look forward to jumping into the production process. 

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