Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) Web Services today launched AWS OpsWorks to help developers manage all aspects of the application lifecycle.

Recognizing that customers were running more and more applications in the cloud, AWS designed OpsWork to model, deploy, scale, and maintain applications also in the cloud. AWS OpsWork can handle traditional functions such as resource provisioning, configuration management, deployment, monitoring, and access control needed to manage applications. 

Moreover, OpsWorks was designed as a flexible, automated, and end-to-end solution. The product supports a wide variety of application architectures and any software with a scripted installation, uses automation to simplify and customize operations and promotes conventions and sane defaults such as template security groups. 

Wooga is a leading developer of social games for web and mobile. "AWS OpsWorks gives us the tools we need to automate operations. We can scale Monster World, one of the largest Facebook games, to millions of users without ever needing more than two backend developers," said Jesper Richter-Reichhelm, head of engineering at Wooga. "With AWS OpsWorks, we can make decisions very quickly with the knowledge that our application will be consistently configured and managed. Our teams can decide which servers we need, and how many we need, in a very short timeframe."