Online real estate company Zillow (NASDAQ:ZG) announced Wednesday that it has launched an iPad-optimized version of its rental app, Zillow Rentals.

The corporation first announced Zillow Rentals in April 2012, when it released the app for Android Phones. The company's 10th mobile app at the time, it was specialized for the iPhone and iPod touch last September.

According to Zillow, this newest version capitalizes on the iPad's larger display by focusing its search options via GPS and allowing for side-by-side photo comparisons of various rental options.

"Tablets have a rapidly growing audience that expects an optimized experience for their bigger screen," Zillow VP of Consumer Marketing and Mobile Jeremy Wacksman was quoted as saying.

For the first time in December 2012, mobile traffic accounted for more than half of all site visits to Zillow. According to the company's latest Q4 earnings report, quarterly traffic jumped 47% year-over-year to 34.5 million average monthly unique users.